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Building Materials Exhibition 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 24-28

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012 Vietnam (Hanoi) International Construction, Building Materials and Household Products Exhibition
Time: March 24, 2012 - March 28, 2012 Location: Hanoi, Vietnam Giang Vo International Exhibition Centre
Main Office Unit: Ministry of Construction of Vietnam Hanoi city hall
Hanoi, Vietnam International Construction, Building Materials and Household Products Exhibition - has been successfully held 18 sessions, exhibition scale: about more than 2,000 booths. Vietnam, the country's population of about 83 million, rapid economic development, political stability. Vietnam's demand for urban housing each year the total area of ​​up to 37 million square meters, with a total investment of about 562 trillion VND (about 32 billion US dollars). Currently, the country has about 700 million people purchase or rental demand, the required total area of ​​up to 150 million square meters. 2009 --2015 Vietnam need to build 22,500 rooms to meet the needs of tourism development. In recent years, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and other ASEAN countries, infrastructure and residential construction a new round of upsurge, and its building materials are mostly imported. From January 1, 2010, China and ASEAN are about seven thousand kinds of products will enjoy zero tariff treatment. After the implementation of zero tariff, Chinese enterprises not only can avoid a lot of barriers to trade, but also save the cost of exports, the Chinese enterprises to set up factories directly ASEAN countries to establish a rare opportunity for commodity distribution center. Vietnam is one of ASEAN, ASEAN is China's population of 500 million products into the consumer market best springboard and the most convenient channel. Now China has become Vietnam's largest trading partner, to the Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises has brought unlimited new business opportunities. Vietnam's economy is entering a period of rapid growth, real estate, roads, power plants and other infrastructure projects continue to be launched, residential buildings, new urban areas, industrial zones, special economic zones, there have been a new round of upsurge. Vietnam's booming construction market for building materials industry has brought great business opportunities. Vietnam's Ministry of Construction said that the country's building materials industry annual growth rate of 17%, about Vietnam currently has a large-scale building materials enterprises 300. But these enterprises to invest scattered backward production technology, lack of product research and development capabilities, generally weak market competitiveness, so the Vietnamese building materials market in high-end products still need imports to meet demand. Beginning in 2002, China's production of coatings, natural stone, senior wood floors, lighting fixtures, senior sanitary ware, kitchenware, intelligent building equipment, steel and cement, stainless steel materials, sealing materials, architectural glass, architectural hardware, fire equipment, building refrigeration and other equipment, construction machinery and equipment supplies a steady stream into the Vietnamese market, largely for infrastructure development in Vietnam contributed. At the same time with the improvement of people's living standards in Vietnam, the Vietnamese household appliances, advanced kitchenware, toiletries and interior decoration needs to thrive, such as China inexpensive products, the advantages of Chinese products in the Vietnamese market occupy a large market share. But now, not enough depth market research, commodity export prices high, the market is small propaganda overseas marketing single, transnational business talent shortage and other factors, the Chinese enterprises to explore Vietnam's building materials market need across the four obstacles. Exhibition is the Vietnamese Ministry of Construction and the provincial and municipal governments jointly organized in Vietnam, the largest and most professional international exhibition of building materials industry, the annual spring and autumn respectively held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, to 2009 has been successfully held 16 sessions, the previous there are many well-known companies from Singapore, China, Germany, Thailand, India, South Korea, France, Malaysia, Switzerland and other countries and regions to participate. The exhibition will provide you with an understanding of the Vietnamese market and internet access to business opportunities and environmental protection, so that you and the Vietnamese buyers and suppliers to communicate and collaborate on the latest economic and trade cooperation and technological development. Sincerely invite Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the meeting, in order to promote economic and trade cooperation and exchanges.
Reference range Exhibition
Materials: 1 decoration materials: paint, chemical paints, decorative plates, stone, wallpaper, carpet, wood floors, new floor paint. Glass and processed glass: architectural glass, decorative glass, industrial glass, special glass, glass deep-processing products. Walls and windows, hardware: civil and industrial security door; handles, hinges, locks, hinges, door closers and other hardware accessories; housing construction materials: sealing materials, thermal insulation rust-proof insulation materials, various adhesives; plumbing, piping, valves, products and technology; cement, cement admixture; ventilation equipment and construction electrician, electrical: air conditioning, radiator; indoor and outdoor electrical, electrical equipment and technology; switches, sockets and other electrical control components; and protection access control systems and other structural building materials; safety control device: iron and steel, metal, steel structure of new products; steel structure design, analysis and mapping software. Building materials production technology and equipment: cement equipment, glass equipment, building and sanitary ceramics equipment, housing construction materials and equipment, glass fiber and glass steel equipment, non-metallic mineral products and other equipment. .
Construction: Construction and installation of machinery and equipment, construction planning and design, construction, decoration and design, cutting-edge technology and energy-saving construction parts, modeling, intelligent buildings, building fire safety equipment, components and products, anti refractories, project contracting
Real estate: urban planning, urban image display, real estate projects, residential facilities, landscape, real estate marketing planning.
Household items: household appliances: TV, DVD, stereo and other household audio-visual appliances; air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, drinking fountains, vacuum cleaners, electric heaters, electric fans, air purifiers and other home appliances; ceramics, stone, sanitary facilities: Construction ceramics and auxiliary materials, stone and decorative stone, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware, jacuzzi, sauna, steam shower, dry hands, sensors, water purification equipment and accessories; kitchen facilities: kitchen, cabinets, kitchen countertops, electric cooker , cooker, microwave, kettle, range hood, disinfecting cabinet, coffee maker, juicer, water heaters, gas stoves, range hoods and related hardware, such as; all kinds of lamps, lighting and accessories, electric light source products, electrical products , lighting, electrical accessories and other accessories; furniture, household furniture, office furniture, furniture accessories; hotel supplies, desktop supplies, room, all kinds of decorations, matching appliances, cleaning and laundry equipment, textile fabric, uniforms;