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2012 Malaysia International Building Materials Exhibition

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Malbex by Reed Exhibitions International Building Materials Exhibition held in Malaysia and Southeast Asia biggest and most influential, and it is only to be supported by the Malaysian Ministry of Construction and Architecture Exhibition, has so far held 25 sessions.
Southeast Asia is recognized as the most dynamic economies in Asia, the fastest growing region. While the Asia-Pacific regional economic cooperation is also booming. Regional, sub-regional and "Growth Triangle" at different levels of economic cooperation expanding. Economic growth and economic cooperation, the two are intertwined, the development of building materials foreign trade, should first select Asia Pacific countries in Southeast Asia. This is not only due to the Southeast Asian countries in their economic decisions, and is due to objective reasons --- geographically adjacent decision.
China Building Materials Industry and some Southeast Asian countries, such as countries Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries compared to developed a number, and China has a unique geographical advantage. Currently Malaysia has risen as China's fourth largest trading partner in recent years, to import complete sets of mechanical and electrical products and building materials, equipment and technology from the original only imports of grain, equipment, textile products. Building materials products, imported from Malaysia had to rely on the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries are now a large number of imported products into our building materials. This is due to the economic opening up, China advocates the target market diversification, hierarchical, so gradually their relative advantages of the products penetrate into the Southeast Asian countries. Country Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia in recent years because of their own development needs, especially for building materials increased demand for new building materials products, China and Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and other state-owned economic and trade cooperation with favorable conditions, both have a greater market potential, the economy of China and Southeast Asian countries are highly complementary, these favorable factors for the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation has provided a solid foundation. Exports of building hardware, doors and windows, stone, ceramics and other building of a gradual increase, Malbex will be an important channel for Chinese products to enter Malaysia and Southeast Asia market.
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