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I.Info: 2011THABSexhibitionattracted479companiesfrom32countriesandregionsparticipating;thenumberofpeopleregistered6141spectators,visitorsfrom54differentcountries,includingconceptdevelopmentpersonnelen
I. Info:
2011 THABS exhibition attracted 479 companies from 32 countries and regions participating; the number of people registered 6141 spectators, visitors from 54 different countries, including concept development personnel entrepreneurs, distributors, manufacturers, importers and exporters, retail Manufacturers, wholesalers and other professional agents. Show has always had a strong high-quality professional audience: the 2011 event where 61.86% senior professional visitors from the board chairman, CEO, owner and senior management. Professional visitors with high purchasing power, 57.39% buyers to sign a contract deal and kept further sustained growth, 13.39% of buyers recommend other customers to order specific products. Enterprises from China and exhibits at the show popular, more than the number of visitors, companies have said to achieve the desired effect.
South Africa belongs to the middle-income developing countries. GDP accounted for about 22 percent of all of Africa, Africa's foreign trade accounted for 24 per cent of Africa's most economically developed countries. Rich in natural resources, it is one of the world's top five mineral States; financial, legal system more perfect, communications, transportation, energy and other infrastructure good; mining, manufacturing and agriculture are the three pillars of the economy. South Africa is China's largest trading partner, according to Chinese customs statistics, in 2006 bilateral trade volume reached 9.856 billion US dollars, up 36 percent over the previous year. China ranks first quarter of 2009, South Africa's largest trading partner, the largest source of imports and the largest export destination, to catch up with the United States and Germany.
Business firm footing: South Africa is the most economically developed country in Africa is China's largest trading partner (the current China-Africa trade volume over $ 100 billion). Hardware Fair held in South Africa, is the industry event in Africa, mainland China and international businesses to create opportunities. Seize growth opportunities: remarkable World Cup in Beijing on July 12 ended successfully. The success of the World Cup, South Africa has the ability to make the world feel of Africa to contribute to the revitalization, the ability to face the challenges. China and South Africa, though separated by thousands of miles, but very close economic and trade exchanges. Chinese President Hu Jintao and South African President Jacob Zuma, the true meaning of open trade between the SOUTH door.
Comprehensive professional planner: South Africa EMS exhibition company was founded in 1984, nearly three decades has developed into a leading enterprise in Africa exhibition, held annually all types and sizes of exhibitions in Africa, South Africa, and has seven other prestigious industry exhibition project. 2012 EMS will be hosting the second "hardware tools and building materials exhibition in South Africa" ​​in Johannesburg plus Rugby Exhibition Centre.