Cologne International Sporting Goods, Camping Equipment and Garden Life Fair


Exhibition time: September 2012

Venue: Cologne International Exhibition Hall, Germany

Exhibition introduction: The exhibition has been held every year since 1960. It is one of the most important order fairs in the world's outdoor leisure market, and it is also the world's largest and oldest international trade fair for sports camping supplies, gardening furniture and gardening supplies.

From 2004, Spoga and Gafa have a different range of exhibits in even and odd years. In even-numbered years, Spoga+Gafa is held concurrently, with exhibits including equestrian supplies, garden furniture and household goods, barbecues, camping equipment and leisure goods, sports and competition supplies, garden hand tools and accessories, machinery and equipment, plants, floriculture and Other horticultural products. In odd-numbered years, Spoga will be held separately, and the range of exhibits will expand some gardening products in addition to outdoor products, garden furniture, sports and competition products, barbecue products, camping and leisure products, and equestrian sports.

In order to meet the needs of exhibitors and buyers, the two exhibitions have been merged since 2010. In 2011, 2,056 exhibitors from 57 countries showed their new products, and 36,300 visitors came from 106 countries. The exhibition is only open to professional audiences and is an important channel for displaying new products and developing international markets.

Our company has organized groups to participate in this exhibition since 2000, and many exhibitors have achieved good exhibition results; this exhibition has limited booths, if you are interested, please contact our company as soon as possible.

Main exhibits range:

1. Garden furniture: garden tables and chairs, parasols, awnings, hammocks, etc.
2. Sports and leisure: sporting goods, camping supplies (sleeping bags, tents, bags), water supplies, fishing supplies, sportswear, etc.
3. Garden Decorations: Plants and Plant Care, Floriculture and Decoration, Water Treatment and Outdoor Lighting, Garden Planning and Maintenance, Other Equipment and Garden Arrangements, Pet Supplies
4. Equestrian supplies and services

5. Barbecue supplies and gardening tools

Standard booth fee:

Standard booth fee: To be determined (including decoration fee, public energy fee, AUMA fee, basic conference journal fee, buyer promotion fee, garbage removal and electricity charges)

Raw space booth fee: To be determined (minimum 36 square meters, the construction fee will be charged according to the actual requirements of the enterprise)




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