Let professional coaches take you to pick sports equipment at home in winter, with high utilization rate and no land occupation


This week, the weather in the island city can only be described in one word - cold! The wind was blowing and the temperature was dropping, making it so cold that people didn't want to go out. Many people who often run in the morning or exercise early have also had to stop exercising. The gym is relatively warm, but some people may feel that the air is not smooth enough or the back and forth is difficult. It would be nice if they could exercise in a warm home. Aside from professional exercises such as shaping and muscle building, the most basic fitness is aerobic exercise. You might as well choose a home aerobic exercise equipment and ask the fitness coach to give some advice. Even in the cold winter, you can move easily and maintain Good shape. Qingdao Evening News/Pocket Qingdao/Qingdao reporter Gao Jingwen

Treadmill for lazy people but noisy

Speaking of home fitness equipment, perhaps the most familiar one is the treadmill. For example, some sports equipment supermarkets or large shopping malls sell the most home fitness equipment is also the treadmill. Prices range from more than 1,000 yuan to more than 8,000 yuan. The reporter saw in the sports area of ​​a shopping mall on Hong Kong Road that the price of a certain brand treadmill here is as high as more than 10,000 yuan. According to the shopping guide, in addition to the low noise and the function of shock absorption, the treadmill of this brand comes with a large screen. You can connect to the Internet to watch movies while running.

Evaluation: Du Wei, a senior coach at Qingdao Impulse Fitness Club, pointed out that treadmills are the most popular aerobic exercise equipment. They are similar to walking and running at ordinary times. Moreover, its exercise intensity is relatively large, sweating a lot, and calorie consumption is relatively large. "The treadmill is forced to exercise. You can't stand on it if you don't run. It drives you to exercise." Du Wei said, this is very suitable for people with poor exercise initiative.

But if you put a treadmill at home, there are many disadvantages. It covers a large area and makes a lot of noise. If you live in a building, the floor will vibrate when you run, and it has a great impact on the joints. Du Wei suggested that if you use it at home, try to buy a commercial treadmill with better quality, which is less harmful to your knees. If the ankle joint, knee joint and waist are injured, you can increase the incline and walk fast when using the treadmill.

Magnetically controlled bicycles are chosen by people with joint injuries

The sport of spinning is basically a must-have item in the gym. A group of people are pedaling very fast in the exciting music, sweating a lot. In fact, it is not difficult to buy one to keep at home. In a professional sports supermarket in the north of the city, the reporter saw several magnetic-controlled bicycles. The shopping guide introduced that a magnetic-controlled bicycle refers to placing magnets on the periphery or inner periphery of the metal flywheel that generates resistance, and adjusting the magnet and the metal flywheel by pulling the wire through the manual knob. The distance to control the resistance, to achieve the requirements of different exercise intensities. Prices range from 899 yuan to 1999 yuan. On the shopping website, the reporter saw that the price was cheaper. The price given by a brand flagship store for a magnetically controlled bicycle was 480 to 580 yuan. The principle is similar to that introduced by the sports supermarket.

Evaluation: Compared with other household aerobic equipment, Du Wei commented that the magnetic control bicycle has the least pressure on the body, and under the same intensity, the impact force on the joints is smaller than that of the treadmill. Moreover, it occupies a small area, and people who have certain damage to their joints but can still exercise can use the magnetic-controlled bicycle to exercise. Its disadvantage is that it belongs to active exercise, and it is not easy to increase the intensity. "It's totally up to you, you can go fast if you want, or go slow if you want." It's easier for lazy people to be lazy.

Du Wei pointed out that the price difference of electromagnetic bicycles is mainly in terms of comfort and electronic intelligence. Try to choose the one that is comfortable to pedal, of good quality, and has a stronger chain, so that there will be no accident of "dropping the chain".

Elliptical trainer likes it

The name elliptical machine may not be known to many people, but if you see the picture, people who have been to the gym will suddenly realize - it is a kind of equipment that steps on the pedals to make a bicycle, because the movement trajectory is elliptical, so it is called The elliptical machine is mostly used for cardiovascular exercise. In a flagship store of sports equipment on the shopping network, the store's description of the elliptical machine mentioned that the biggest feature of the elliptical machine is that there is no focus on the knee joint when the human body uses it to exercise. Using the elliptical machine to exercise can avoid the impact force generated by running, better protect the joints, and thus have a higher safety factor. Compared with several other home fitness equipment, its price is relatively high. The cheapest one in this online store is 1,700 yuan. A higher configuration will cost 2,500 yuan.

Evaluation: Among these common machines on the market, Du Wei's evaluation of the elliptical machine is the highest. He told reporters that the exercise of the elliptical machine is an action that tends to walk in a standing position. The exercise is simple, consumes a lot of energy, and has a high intensity. Coupled with the coordinated movement of the upper limbs, the intensity can be automatically controlled. Another important point is that it has low noise and occupies a small area, which is very suitable for home use.

Stepper is too strenuous

Among these equipments, the stepper is the smallest, consisting of a base plate and two pedals that step up and down. The shopping guide of the sports supermarket said that the stepper is mainly to let the fitness person repeat the action of climbing the stairs, which can not only enhance the function of the cardiovascular system, but also fully exercise the muscles of the thigh and calf. And the price of stepper is not expensive, generally 200-400 yuan.

Evaluation: Du Wei does not recommend that fitness people buy a stepper to use at home. He pointed out that the stepper actually simulates the action of climbing stairs, which means that it keeps you in the state of climbing the steps all the time. The exercise intensity is high, and it is easy to feel tired, and if the posture is not correct, the knee is easy to be injured.

The rowing machine is not used to the effect

The rowing machine has recently become popular on the shopping Internet, and it is related to the American TV series "House of Cards". One of the characters Frank's favorite indoor fitness equipment is the rowing machine. It is a kind of equipment that simulates rowing, and has a good effect on the muscle enhancement of legs, waist, upper limbs, chest and back. Each stroke, the upper limbs, lower limbs, waist and abdomen, and back will complete a complete contraction and extension in the process, which can achieve a whole-body muscle exercise effect. On the shopping website, the reporter saw that the best-selling rowing machine claimed to be the same model as "House of Cards", the price is as high as 14,500 yuan, while the price of ordinary domestic brands ranges from 2,000 yuan to 7,500 yuan.

Evaluation: Du Wei pointed out that the exercise intensity of the rowing machine is relatively high, and the coordination requirements of the upper limbs and legs are relatively high. If you exercise regularly, the effect will be obvious. For those who are accustomed to passive exercise, they may not be used to it, and it may be uncomfortable to do it, but it will not achieve the fitness effect.

If the above fitness equipment is not suitable for you, Du Wei suggested that you can also achieve aerobic exercise by doing aerobics at home. If you are older, you can do yoga and Pilates on the balance mat, and download some related videos to follow along.




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