Aviation sports equipment exhibition begins


With the opening of the aviation festival approaching, the exhibitors of this aviation festival have also been in place one after another. In addition to the ongoing work on the exhibition hall arrangement, the reception of exhibitors' reports, the placement and registration of participating aircrafts, and the issuance of conference catalogues, exhibitor service manuals, and exhibitor badges are also being carried out at the same time.

The 2015 China International Aviation Sports Equipment Exhibition is an important part of the aviation festival, and the aviation exhibition is an important platform and support for the development of the aviation industry. As of the end of August, more than 100 developers have been introduced. Among them, there are 10 aircraft manufacturers, 2 aircraft sales agents, 1 simulator manufacturer, 11 drone manufacturers, 2 delta wing manufacturers, 2 paraglider manufacturers, and 2 airship manufacturers. There are 6 aviation material manufacturers, 4 paraglider and paramotor agents, 2 outdoor equipment distributors, 8 general aviation companies, 5 aerial photography agencies, 7 training institutions, 9 aviation clubs, and 3 airport-related companies. 12 general aviation media. There are 8 foreign exhibitors and 92 domestic exhibitors. A total of 33 static exhibition aircraft and more than 40 unmanned aerial vehicles were introduced in this air show. In addition, foreign exhibitors have made breakthroughs compared with previous editions.

From September 19th to 21st, the Preparatory Committee of the Aviation Festival will also organize exhibitors to participate in the opening ceremony, forum, business negotiation and exchange activities.




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