Scaffolding steel pipe prices drive development


The anti-slip performance of the scaffolding fasteners ensures that the steel pipe and the fasteners are in the state of the fitting surface, and the fitting area is large. The safety effect of the time. The anti-skid performance of the scaffolding fasteners is better, which overcomes the shortcomings of the cast iron fasteners and the steel pipe being point or line fit, and can effectively reduce errors and safety accidents during construction. In addition, the scaffolding fasteners are practical in practice In the process of use, the limit of easy deformation due to insufficient strength reaches 5 mm, which is 1.5 mm larger than the material thickness limit of the traditional stamping process. Repeated and effective use. The anti-deformation ability of scaffolding fasteners ensures normal use during construction, or frequent repeated use, which ensures the service life of fasteners and realizes the value of scaffolding fasteners. Maintenance is very convenient after use, which not only reduces the difficulty of maintenance It also saves maintenance costs, reduces maintenance manpower and material resources, and increases construction efficiency and quality.

Screwless swivel fasteners offer six advantages:
1. It can be mixed with old-fashioned fasteners and is an ideal replacement product for old-fashioned fasteners.
2. There are live pins on the left and right hoop, when the scaffold has no load or strong vibration, it plays the dual use of anti-skid and anti-rebound, making it safer and more reliable. The promotion and application of screwless construction fasteners will make a positive contribution to the construction industry.
3. High efficiency, the fastener can be installed and disassembled very fast, which can improve the work efficiency by 6-8 times compared with the old fastener.
4. Reasonable structure, safe and reliable, self-locking with multi-slope, and the tighter the pressure.
5. The operation is simple, only one hammer can complete all the assembly and disassembly work, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
6. Not afraid of rust and mortar deposits, no maintenance, and the reuse rate is as high as 100%.
The rotary fastener has substantial characteristics and significant progress, which reduces the number of parts and reduces the cost of the fastener, and because the thickness of the flanging of its own material is greater than that of the hollow rivet, the tensile strength is increased, and the torque resistance is greatly improved.




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