2012 Hong Kong Building Materials Fair


Exhibition time: October 27-29, 2012

Venue: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong

Exhibition website:

Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Supporting organizations: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade / China Building Decoration Association / Hong Kong Marble Chamber of Commerce / Hong Kong Hardware Business Association / Hong Kong Die Casting Industry Association / Hong Kong Building Curtain Wall Decoration Association

Exhibitor consultation: Huagang Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. / Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1501, International Chamber of Commerce Center, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-8831 5977 Fax: 0755-8831 2108

Contact: Miss Hu Jie 138 2435 8363

★Seize growth opportunities

The conference attracted buyers from all over the world, many of them from emerging markets. For mainland Chinese suppliers, this exhibition can help them open up these new markets with unlimited business opportunities.

The Hong Kong International Building Decoration Materials and Hardware Fair is an important procurement platform in Asia, providing exhibitors with golden opportunities to explore the Asian market with great potential, especially the highly valued Chinese mainland market.

Global economic conditions have improved, suggesting a positive outlook for the construction, decoration and hardware industries. At the same time, international buyers are increasingly focusing on quality, prompting Hong Kong suppliers to strengthen quality control and produce high value-added products that meet international standards, thereby expanding their business. In addition, the market demand for self-assembled interior decoration products is also expanding.

★Set up a product area

The HKTDC Hong Kong International Building Decoration Materials and Hardware Fair has a wide range of exhibits and is very professional. The conference has different product areas to facilitate buyers to find suitable suppliers. This year's newly established environmental protection building materials exhibition area showcases environmentally friendly building materials and hardware products. In addition, the new exhibition area this year also includes the testing and certification services exhibition area. Other exhibits include bathroom/kitchen; architectural decoration hardware; interior decoration materials; doors, windows; ceilings, curtain walls; ceramics, stone; coatings, chemical building materials and building technology.

★Concurrent related events

The exhibition period of the Hong Kong International Building Decoration Materials and Hardware Fair coincides with the traditional procurement season. Several large-scale exhibitions will also be held in Hong Kong at the same time, which is bound to generate synergies and attract many international buyers to visit. The HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, which will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center at the same time, will bring more new customers and new business opportunities.

★Professional and comprehensive organization

The exhibition is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, which has many years of professional experience in organizing trade exhibitions and has a solid track record. The organizer launched an aggressive promotional campaign, including advertisements in trade publications, press releases, feature articles, direct mail services, roadshows, and news media events in major cities to reach target buyers around the world. Using the huge database, the organizer invites powerful target buyers and purchasing groups to visit the exhibition in Hong Kong. In 2011, a total of 47 purchasing groups from 36 countries and regions attended the Hong Kong International Building Decoration and Hardware Exhibition. The conference provides world-class equipment and services, including hotel accommodation discounts, free shuttle bus service, intellectual property protection service, free email center, business center, VIP lounge and prayer room, etc., to make the exhibition industry more convenient.

★Please register for the exhibition now

Hong Kong International Building Decoration and Hardware Fair is full of business opportunities, please register to participate in the exhibition, consolidate the business foundation and build a bright future!

★Exhibition buyer information (2011): buyers radiate all over the world, 99% of them are professionals:

1) Buyers by region: Asia (excluding Hong Kong) 64% , Europe 17% , North America 8% .

Central and South America 4% Australia and Pacific Islands 2% Middle East 2% Africa 2%

2) Business nature of visitors: importer/import agent 23% exporter/export agent 14% manufacturer 14%

Service industry companies and government agencies 11% Wholesalers 9% Retailers 5%

Purchasing Office 7% Distributor 8% Other 9%

3) Decision-making power by buyer’s position/title: 72% are above the management level

4) The nature of the buyer's work (99% of professionals): Buyer 38% Interior Designer 18% Engineer 17%

Architects 6% Surveyors 3% Planners 2%

Exhibit introduction

★Main product categories

1. Bathroom/kitchen exhibition area: integral bathroom, bathtub, shower, toilet, washbasin, bathroom hardware/accessories, bathroom mirror, swimming pool facilities, water heater, heater, bathroom cabinet, cabinet, kitchen stove, sink, mop Pool, kitchen pendant, partition

2. Architectural decoration hardware exhibition area: tents, membrane structures, architectural hardware, decorative hardware (locks, handles), door control hardware, valves, plumbing hardware, wrought iron products, hardware accessories, hardware tools, hardware molds, hardware casting, gardening tools, self-assembly Products, fireplaces and accessories, plant accessories, pesticides, garden decorations, lawn mowers, plant moisture detectors, outdoor stoves and accessories, outdoor fixtures, etc.

3. Interior decoration materials exhibition area: aluminum-plastic panels, wallpapers/wall coverings, plastic-wood profiles, partition materials, carpets, floors, wood and finished materials, stair facilities, decorative glass, decorative panels, shell materials, window decorations, etc.

4. Doors and windows exhibition area: plastic folding doors, plastic steel/aluminum alloy/steel doors, wooden doors, windows, metal window frames, window braces, etc.

5. Ceiling and curtain wall exhibition area: architectural glass, brick and clay products, ceiling, aluminum plate/lead plate/point type/unit/metal curtain wall, curtain wall accessories and processing equipment, sunshine board, gypsum products, steel structure

6. Coatings, chemical building materials exhibition area: wall/waterproof/floor coatings, sound insulation/sound-absorbing materials, coatings and paints, coating additives, coating packaging materials, dry powder mortar, glass fiber reinforced plastic, construction adhesives, sealants and chemical materials, Admixtures, auxiliaries, construction adhesives, tapes, fillers, fireproofing materials, building waterproofing materials, waterproofing additives, wall/waterproofing/floor materials, anti-leakage materials, waterproofing technology and related equipment, insulation/thermal insulation/energy-saving materials brushing tools

7. Ceramics and stone exhibition area: architectural ceramics, cement/asphalt, stone (granite, marble, slate, sandstone, quartz stone, pebble, artificial stone, etc.), stone carving and stone products, special-shaped stone, stone production equipment, horticultural cultural stone

8. Building technology exhibition area: construction engineering services, building exterior lighting equipment, building management system, cable management system, building information technology, monitoring equipment, systems and regulators, water supply/drainage systems, electrical systems, elevator/lift technology, heating, ventilation , air conditioning systems and service equipment, smart building systems and equipment, fire protection and security systems, water treatment equipment

9. Environmental protection building materials exhibition area: environmental protection building materials and installations, environmental protection decorative materials, energy-saving building solutions, environmental protection landscape design

10. Furniture exhibition area: classical furniture, furniture contractor, indoor furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture

11. Testing and certification: building materials verification, quality/laboratory testing, measurement, quality inspection/testing

Exhibition introduction

The exhibition is specially designed for the construction industry, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 20,000 to 30,000 square meters. It can be said that the building materials and construction machinery industry is one of the most competitive industries in China. It is internationally renowned for its high quality and reasonable price, and its exports to Asia, Europe and the United States are strong. At present, many parts of Asia are improving infrastructure, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the construction industry. Therefore, holding such an exhibition in Hong Kong enables companies to expand their business and explore new markets through this trade platform in the heart of Asia.
Construction industry hits record high
The Hong Kong International Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition, specially designed for the construction industry, brings together a variety of top brand materials, well-designed products, as well as construction technology and services. It will be held in Hong Kong, an international trade hub for the first time. There are a wide variety of exhibits, including building materials, interior decoration materials, construction machinery and tools, construction technology, and construction engineering services. Riding on the booming construction industry, industry suppliers can expand their business and explore new markets through this trade fair platform located in the heart of Asia.
Hong Kong: Construction Hub
Hong Kong's high-rise buildings are world-renowned and a symbol of excellence and technological advancement in the construction industry. Hong Kong not only exported these specialized technologies to other places, especially the Chinese mainland market, but also exported various construction products, mainly electrical equipment, followed by hardware products for construction, steel products and wood or plank products. Mainland China is also a big export market. On the other hand, Hong Kong's construction industry relies heavily on imported raw materials and semi-manufactured products.
Hong Kong has a reputation for rapidly completing large and complex construction projects. Efficient project management is a major competitive advantage of Hong Kong. The construction industry in Hong Kong can quickly respond to the needs of customers at all levels and keep abreast of the ever-changing market trends. The emphasis on quality is also the key to success. Many companies in the industry have adopted the ISO9000 series of quality management systems.
Expand business opportunities in the region
Many parts of Asia are improving infrastructure, bringing unlimited business opportunities to the construction industry. In mainland China, high-end office buildings, apartments, hotels and villas have sprung up. The construction, real estate, and interior decoration industries in the Pearl River Delta near Hong Kong are in the ascendant, and there is a strong demand for high-end building materials, services and machinery. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games have added momentum to the booming construction industry.
The exhibition is bound to attract industry players from all over the world. Overseas companies looking for importers or wholesalers in mainland China can seize the opportunity to expand their business, while mainland Chinese manufacturers can also meet with importers, agents and distributors in the international market. Face to face negotiation.
Export Platform in Mainland China
Building materials and construction machinery industry is one of the most competitive industries in China. It is internationally known for its high quality and reasonable price, and its exports to Asia, Europe and the United States are strong. This exhibition will bring together all kinds of building materials and construction machinery, important enterprises and distributors with the mainland as their industrial base to create a platform for exporting Chinese products. How can such a golden opportunity be missed.
Cooperation to expand the mainland market
Hong Kong has signed the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) with Mainland China, whereby some Hong Kong-made building materials and hardware products can be imported into the Mainland market without duty.
Overseas business partners of Hong Kong companies can also benefit by outsourcing certain production or processing operations to Hong Kong companies to comply with CEPA's rules of origin.
The Hong Kong International Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition is an ideal channel for industry players to establish international partnerships.
Industry information sourced
This exhibition not only brings together the global industry, but also provides the industry with international industry news. A number of information activities such as seminars or conferences will be held at the conference to let the industry master the latest development trends. The conference also arranged a number of networking activities such as cocktail receptions to provide industry players with a good opportunity to communicate with the old and the new.
Organisers with a good reputation
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC) has more than 30 years of experience in organizing exhibitions and is known as one of the world's most successful exhibition organizers. Many of its exhibitions are large in scale, arrogant in Asia, and ranked among the top three in the world. These include Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn, Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair and Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.
Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Huagang Company) is a professional exhibition organization subsidiary of China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (China Exhibition Group), which is directly under the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and is a large-scale exhibition group company in the Mainland. More than 20 exhibitions are held every year, among which many projects such as China Architecture Exhibition, Stone Exhibition, Printing Exhibition, International Automobile Exhibition have become international famous exhibitions.
International buyers actively attended
Through its global network of offices, TDC will actively promote the exhibition through advertising, direct mail, roadshows and individual invitations to attract buyers to the exhibition. The Huagang Company has great influence in the Mainland and will also be committed to promoting this exhibition event to domestic industry players.
Buyers invited to attend will include property developers, architects, engineers, contractors, builders, surveyors, trading companies, town planners, interior designers, property and facility management companies, hotel management groups and owners’ law firms group, etc. 
Excellent location for exhibition venues
Hong Kong International Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo. The newest and largest exhibition venue in Hong Kong is well-equipped and adjacent to the award-winning Hong Kong International Airport. Traders who come to Hong Kong to attend the exhibition can arrive at the venue within minutes after arriving in Hong Kong.




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