Home fitness equipment is popular in the market


After the Spring Festival, due to the low temperature, people's enthusiasm for outdoor sports has also been relatively reduced, especially when the air quality is relatively poor, citizens who want to exercise will gradually turn their attention to indoors, which has led to the hot sales of home fitness equipment for a while. . In the past few days, the reporter found through visits that indoor fitness equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and dance mats are very popular.

"Look, this is my newly bought dance mat, and I can work out at home in the future." Recently, Zhang Yuting, a citizen, heard everyone discussing the topic of weight gain during the New Year at a class reunion, and immediately turned on her mobile phone and shared her new "baby" . Zhang Yuting, who has always liked sports, told reporters that she had been coughing frequently since last winter. The doctor told her that it might be related to the heavily polluted weather. Since then, she has been reluctant to exercise outdoors. "A few years ago, I saw a dance mat on the Internet. The dance mat has a power connection port. After connecting it to a computer or a TV, you can choose dance music for exercise according to your own preferences. At that time, I was fascinated by the price. It’s not too expensive, like the one I bought for just over 70 yuan.” With Zhang Yuting’s strong recommendation, many students expressed their desire to buy it. The reporter learned from that such dance blankets are divided into single and double types. The price ranges from 25 yuan to 300 yuan, and is loved by many young people because of its fashionable shape, various functions and affordable price.

Later, the reporter also visited the major shopping malls, supermarkets, and fitness equipment stores in our city and found that the sales of home fitness equipment have been soaring. In the sports goods store of Victoria Commercial Building, the reporter saw that there are a variety of home fitness equipment with different styles, functions and grades. Special sports and health care equipment for women, children, middle-aged and elderly people has attracted many consumers to come and buy. "I have always had the habit of running in the morning. This winter, the weather is relatively cold, and I go out for morning runs intermittently, so I just bought a treadmill and put it at home. The whole family can use it, and it is not disturbed by the weather." Said Mr. Sun, a citizen of the treadmill.

The reporter learned through visits that the price of home treadmills currently on the market is generally between 2,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan. If it is some more high-end and high-end running equipment, the price may reach tens of thousands of yuan, although the price is not high. Fei, but it has become the first choice for home health care, and the sales of other products are also gratifying, "Nowadays, citizens' fitness awareness has increased, and many office workers pay more attention to exercise, especially some young people who prefer to exercise indoors. Cars and treadmills, while the elderly prefer massage chairs." A salesperson in the interview said that the use of fitness equipment can not only enhance physical fitness, but also play a psychological role in regulating. Nowadays, the weather in Qingcheng is still cold. In the case of heavy pollution weather, outdoor exercise is not fitness but injury, so it is necessary to choose an indoor fitness equipment that suits you.

So, how to choose fitness equipment in the face of so many tricks? Professionals remind that you should focus on whether the bending of the equipment is smooth and without edges, whether the welding is natural and smooth, whether the assembly is tight, and the quality of the wearing parts, such as wire ropes, pulleys, seat cushions, bicycle pedals, and treadmill running belts. Etc., these are closely related to the quality and grade of the equipment. In addition, you should carefully check the product manual before use to achieve reasonable and safe fitness.




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