Apparatus and method for dynamic analysis of sports equipment


Researchers at the Department of Mechanical Engineering have developed a new technique for measuring dynamic information, such as rotational speed, of sports equipment as it moves through the air. This technology can also measure the change process of the inertial flight of sports equipment, and its condition before the inertial flight. Equipped with inertial measurement devices on sports equipment, this technology can be used to store and transmit sports equipment-related information, and at the same time, this technology can also analyze data to determine relevant inertial flight information. A simplified set of inertial measurement devices can provide cost-effective key data information. This technology can enable users to have better performance on the sports field, and can also prevent users from injury through more optimized operation methods of sports equipment.

ball games

For many sports, the transition of sports equipment to inertial flight state and its corresponding dynamic information are very important. Much information about the ball as it coasts (from the corresponding rotational speed to the twisting force on the ball) is invaluable to coaches and athletes alike. In ball sports such as bowling, dynamic information such as inertial flight status is a major aspect of the game, so a technology that can provide such information in a low-cost, ball-integrated platform is very important. necessary.




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